There are many issues facing Indigenous people in receiving treatment for cancer, and one reason being that some Indigenous Australians don’t know or understand cancer, or how and where to get help.

NICaN’s goal is to improve Indigenous peoples understanding about Cancer, and one useful tool is our Cancer walks. Indigenous cancer walks promote health messages to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members and address health disparities through increased awareness of cancer prevention practices, the need for screening, and the availability of treatment and care options.

Cancer walk handbook

NICaN has produced a free resource for your use in planning your own cancer walk. NICaN and its partners have successfully been running the walks since 2013. The planning and procedure handbook entails all that is needed to know about organising and hosting a successful Cancer walk day for your organisation and within your community.

The Cancer walk Handbook provides:

  • A quick and user friendly contents page, with quick navigation to any page within the document at the click of a button.
  • An overview provides a quick introduction about NICaN and what the Cancer walk is all about.
  • Accompanying the introduction is a quick and simple explanation as to how the handbook is to be utilised effectively.
  • A list of Event definitions is provided to assist in making the handbook as comprehensive as possible.
  • A detailed project plan that will help you map out and organize each action required in preparation for the day. In addition, more details for specific actions are provided for most entries, again assisting in making the handbook as comprehensive as possible.
  • A timeline which will be of great assistance in your planning, is provided to help you know what actions need to be initiated or completed and when.
  • Finally, appendixes of templates are provided, making it a very quick and simple process to generate all the documents that the handbook outlines.

Why organize your own walk?

By organising and hosting your own cancer walk, it will help bring your community closer together with a common understanding about cancer and ultimately connect communities across Australia to fight against cancer.