About nican

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The National Indigenous Cancer Network (NICaN) was established to improve outcomes for Indigenous people with cancer, including their carers, families and communities.

NICaN brings together Indigenous audiences, cancer survivors, service providers, researchers and health professionals from a broad range of disciplines, as well as private sector and government organisations.

NICaN was formed in 2013 as a partnership between the Menzies School of Health Research, the Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet, the Lowitja Institute and Cancer Council Australia.

NICAN is a critical part of the translation of Indigenous cancer research into practice. It aims to ensure that what's known about cancer in Indigenous Australians is available for use by people with cancer, their families, practitioners, policy makers and researchers. This is achieved by using existing information, identifying knowledge gaps and encouraging and supporting collaboration in research and service provision.

NICaN’s activities are supported through two major research partnerships: The DISCOVER-TT Centre of Research Excellence and a Strategic Research Priority program, STREP-Ca-CIndA.

In addition to the links with these research partnerships, NICaN provides:

  • plain language information about cancer;
  • a Twitter account @NICaN Australia;
  • the opportunity to attend annual network meetings and Indigenous Cancer Roundtables;
  • Information on current research projects that may be recruiting participants;
  • support for Indigenous Cancer Ambassadors;
  • cancer awareness events such as Cancer Walks;
  • a comprehensive collection of resources and links to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by cancer and those people who help them; and
  • information about training courses, workforce development and organisations that provide support for Indigenous people with cancer, their families and friends.