uncle bill buchanan

prostate cancer survivor

uncle bill is a guwamu man, from the banks of the culgoa river in South West Queensland


"I never thought those things would happen to me but they do.

When you come through the cancer you need to be strengthened by it.

You need to look at your stuff and look at your life and you need to either be strengthened by it or succumb to it. "

"When you are told about the cancer it knocks you for six.

Your life passes before your eyes. The doctors tell you what your options are but then say it's your decision."


Uncle Bill had knowledge and was determined to make sure he didn't have the same experience as his dad. He made his own choices and he made them early. He had surgery and he also had some alternative therapies and used a lot of bush tucker and bush medicine.

Uncle Bill has been clear for a number of years now and has a checkup every 3 to 6 months. He says that after every test result he just has 'a quiet moment with himself'.

"I'm the eldest living man in my mob and have been for the last several years. That's a sad state of affairs 'cause I'm not an old man, I'm only a young fella.

At the end of the day it's given me an opportunity to think about having a decent life with my kids and my grandkids to come."

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The Stories of Survival Men's Project is a joint project between Menzies School of Health Research and Oxfam Australia.

Uncle Bill is a NICaN Ambassador.

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