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2016 World Indigenous Cancer Conference

The inaugural World Indigenous Cancer Conference 2016 (WICC) was attended by over 300 delegates from across the globe who came to connect, communicate and collaborate to reduce Indigenous cancer disparities and address the considerable cancer burden affecting Indigenous peoples around the world.

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Reflecting on the cancer journey - stories from survivors and families from the Indigenous People and Cancer Symposium 19-20 February 2018.

Presentations from the conference can be found on the University of Otago website.


TV NEWS SEGMENT - Lateline, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 22/03/2017

"The Unspoken Illness: Cancer in Aboriginal Communities"

If you are an Indigenous Australian, you are less likely to be diagnosed with cancer but more likely to die of the disease. Now intervention programs are trying to address that imbalance.


video - breast cancer network australia, launched 14/06/2017

"aboriginal and torres strait islander women share their breast cancer journey"

This video shares the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander women affected by breast cancer and aims to encourage other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to connect, seek support and information on breast cancer.


TV NEWS SEGMENT - Lateline, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 22/03/2017


This news report tells the story of Colleen Lavelle who writes a blog under the name 'Proud Black Sista' and who has an inoperable brain tumour. Colleen acts as a support person for other Indigenous people with cancer and their families.

This page has stories about cancer and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Many of them are links to other websites or media organisations. If you have a story you think should be included on this page please email us at or phone the NICaN office on (07) 3169 4228.