The inaugural World Indigenous Cancer Conference 2016 (WICC) was attended by over 300 delegates from across the globe who came to connect, communicate and collaborate to reduce Indigenous cancer disparities and address the considerable cancer burden affecting Indigenous peoples around the world.

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Who attended

A wide range of researchers, public health practitioners, clinicians, nurses, advocacy groups, allied health and other related professionals, and Indigenous community groups and leaders joined together for three days.

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3 day program

The main program over the three days involved delegates attending plenary session as well as concurrent sessions. during all sessions a vast range of topics were covered and discussed, all of which affect Indigenous people from around the globe. the importance of attending these sessions helped to foster new collaboration and share knowledge and information to help close the gap on a global level

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program extras

In addition, delegates were able to attend many informal activities that invited open discussions and brought to light problem areas that Indigenous people are facing, as well as to mingle and bond on a more personal level.

Programs included early morning symposiums, the conference dinner and the yarning circle